This is so good Will (thanks Mabel for the QA). I probably am not saying this correctly, and this may feel too capitalistic to you, but I think it would also be great for students to demonstrate that they can use a DAW (I guess?) to come up with a short theme song/jingle, along with a musically-related bed and bumped/stinger--basically a package of production elements--as if they were commissioned to do so by a nonprofit or commercial radio program, podcast, tv channel/show, etc---I think this would be really useful to think through. Maybe too broadcast-comm studies though?

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Chord progressions - important to know the general guidelines for moving from one chord to another.

Music psychology should be more widely taught, especially to performers. Eg the primacy of visual over aural impressions in listeners.

Fugues are still taught where I work - pretty pointless except so many CPP folks used them.

Keyboard skills - the “privilege” of keyboard players setting requirements for everyone, including non keyboard players, is ridiculous.

I still think we teach pitch way more than rhythm or other aspects. This is a problem.

I also think we should focus more on analysis rather than four part harmony exercises, at least for performers.

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